June 2011 Class

As many of our clients know we occasionally hold training classes for them on issues relating to Filers and storage issues. Above is a class picture of the class that finished today. Our clients asked great questions and we received good comments on our class and a couple of good suggestions on how we can improve it for our next class.

We believe that educating our customers benefits us as much as them, and our customers seem to agree. We learned a lot from this class of customers about the operational and budget issues that affect their storage. An interesting topic in this class and in others we have had is the many different ways that clients handle their primary and archival storage growth.

Our customer students really like our Exception Reporter and told us that it is a great tool for managing their filers. They also really like our SimplStor, in fact, one of our students in this class called a friend of his and now we are quoting his friend’s company on a SimplStor.

We will be holding two more classes this year, and one of them will be in our Sydney office.

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