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When NetApp made the change from 7-mode to Cluster mode (cDOT), customers faced a difficult, multi-stage upgrade path. It required swing gear in the form of additional controllers and shelves that provided temporary staging locations for the data in transition. Rather than having customers purchase these swing gear systems, Zerowait greatly reduced customer costs by offering rental filers and shelves.

Rentals go beyond swing gear for OS upgrades, however. Anytime there is a complex data migration, deploying temporary storage can help the process be more efficient and affordable. For example, a customer might be decommissioning their filer, and the controller fails prior to them moving the data to a new system. A timely, short-term rental of a similar controller can allow them to perform the move efficiently and then simply return the controller to us. Rentals range from complete NetApp systems to those for individual components: shelves, cards, and controllers. The period of rental is typically 1 month to 6 months depending on the complexity of the process and the amount of data being transferred.

Over the last 25+ years of working with NetApp equipment we have developed a set of processes and checklists to create safe plans for our customers that want to move their data. We recognize that each move is unique, and the requirements for data security and prevention of data loss are of paramount concern. For example, after a migration, we can sanitize the decommissioned drives and provide a report that provides customers with documentation of the results. We can do this at the customer’s location or in our facilities.

If you are considering moving your data to a new system, or location, and are looking for a short-term hardware rental and engineering assistance to help the move go smoothly please give us a call at +1 302-996-9408 or email us at

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