Happy Friday to you! I am back from Denver where the snow is mostly melted and the weather was a fabulous 72 degrees. The best part is you can be sure that I am safe to act as pilot in command of a Boeing 767 or a Boeing 757 for another 6 months, four hours of nothing but simulated emergencies and the proper recoveries have proven that.

Mike Linett sent me a link to a really good “Buyer Beware” article that he thought I should share with you. I touched on this topic earlier this month when I brought up the cost of re-licensing used equipment and the alternative solutions to expensive, direct from the manufacturer, maintenance contracts.

Rigorous testing and inspection by Zerowait’s highly trained, well experienced engineers means that when you buy used equipment, at great prices, from Zerowait, you are not gambling with corporate funds, but making a sound IT investment.

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