One of the Zerowait engineers was telling me about a customer issue he was dealing with. He thought you all might learn something from it.

The customer had an equipment failure, so their engineers pulled one of their spares and put it in the system. When everything was powered up, the system still indicated the same failure. Their next step was to call Zerowait for expert advice. Good move!

After some troubleshooting and evaluation, it was determined that the spare that was put into the system was also bad. Two bad parts lead the customer to think that the failure was more serious than it was and also meant more down time.

How long have your spares been sitting collecting dust on the shelf? Do they still work properly? Did someone use the spare then put the bad part back in its place? What good is a bad spare? What can be done to safeguard against this type of scenario?
Zerowait can help prevent your company from going through this. Zerowait’s expert engineers will test, run, and re-certify your spares for you. Along with that Zerowait can store your spares for you, that way your parts are centrally located and proper, fully functioning part can be shipped to the location of your choice at the first sign of trouble.

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