Break-Fix shop vs. Engineering shop.

In a discussion with the Zerowait engineers, they explained to me that there are two types of IT shops, Break-Fix and Engineering. What kind of shop do you have?

A Break-Fix shop is one that, very simply put, fixes things that break. This is usually the case in a small company or a company with very large storage needs and smaller budget. These Break-Fix shops can be very good at getting the problem solved and are usually kept very busy with small issues. They are also very good at knowing who to call (They call Zerowait) if there is a larger or more complex problem.

On the other hand, an Engineering shop is one that is constantly planning ahead and looking for future problems and issues before they happen. This shop requires a lot more time and staff to keep up with the changing equipment and knowledge base. It also requires a larger budget and more in-depth training. A very understanding top office is also necessary; to some, it is hard to justify the cost of good engineers when things rarely break, even if they are the reason.

What does this mean to you? Both shops are very useful, but there are always times when it pays to have highly experienced help. That’s when you need to call Zerowait!
If you are planning any changes to your network, adding equipment, swapping out old equipment, updating firmware, or OS, call the Zerowait engineers ahead of time. They will point out possible issues and ways to prevent problems. The may even show that you don’t need to make the change at all, sometimes all you need to do is change some settings to get the extra performance you need. Don’t risk the down time, call Zerowait!

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