Captain Rick is grounded with the Flu today and he asked me to write the Blog today.

Some people have asked where the company name Zerowait came from. I always believed in providing a quality service right away, and so I named the company after the concept of No Waiting. Zerowait’s online store reflects our customer service philosophy and makes quoting and ordering simple and fast. Our customers and distributors love our system because of its simplicity, and the speed with which we are able to process orders. If an ordering and quoting system can be made simple why would NetApp make a system complex and require training to use it?

According to Arrow’s Press release on the NetApp program –
“Once participants complete the computer-based training program they are required to create and configure a sample quote. Those participants who create a configuration with three or fewer errors will receive a cash prize.”

Shouldn’t quoting a NetApp system be simple? In a marketplace of intense competition and commoditization how can rewarding people to make less then 3 errors on an order be a good thing? At Zerowait, we try to get every order and quote correct the first time, and reward our customers with great prices, service, support for their NetApp equipment.
When it comes to NetApp parts ” Zerowait has them, and can ship today!

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