Happy Friday to everyone! While I was off repairing my health, I received an email from respected information technology consultant and author, Jon William Toigo. Jon writes:

Hey Cap:

Quick question for you. If NetApp changes its gear every 18 to 24 months and takes its existing products off support at about the same time as new gear is introduced, what is my service agreement/warranty worth if I buy a product a month before the product goes off support? Sounds to me like a Ponzi scheme: those who get in early make all the money, while those who join late get nada. Any observations on this? Is NetApp taking a page from Amway’s sales book?



Well Jon, I can tell you that Mike Linett frequently talks about the same issues. That’s why Zerowait has made it their mission to provide support for all NetApp equipment, even after it falls off NetApp’s support list. Through my relationship with Zerowait, I am finding that there are a large number of NetApp users out there who are beginning to see this too. Zerowait gets more calls every week from frustrated NetApp users who need support for the equipment no longer supported by NetApp. They are very happy to find someone as knowledgeable as Zerowait, willing to provide this missing support.

Anyone else who would like to add to this or any other discussion, please feel free to use the comments link to the right and send me an email. Have a great weekend!

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