Greetings from Interop Las Vegas. The conference is going pretty well, very busy. I just got off my panel discussion and I think it was rather interesting. We got some very interesting questions from the attendees. There seems to be a lot of concern that storage systems are not very interoperable. Randy Chalfont of Storagetek mentioned that vendor’s like to ‘lock in customers’ for the long term with proprietary hardware, maybe some of the storage vendores would like the conference name changed to anti- interop? Anti-op the evil twin of Interop?

I received a lot of questions about our NetApp upgrades, service and support over the last couple of days. And between conference sessions a lot of folks have asked me to explain the transferable license issues to them for their NetApp equipment.

There are quite a few members of the Zerowait family of customers here, I am having dinner with a couple tonight.

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