Here I go again, reading between the lines of another NetApp press release.

In the latest Press Release, NetApp Unveils Midrange NAS Array, you will see that “Glenn Harper, director of data strategy at New York-based Cendant, said the company plans to add FAS3000 models during the next year.” That is all well and good, but according to last week’s press release, Suresh Vasudevan says, “Typical storage array capacity utilization is in the 30 percent to 40 percent range…” So wouldn’t it make more sense to optimize the equipment you have, rather than spend a lot of money buying new equipment that you will continue to underutilize?
Zerowait can help you find ways to more efficiently use the capacity that Mr. Vasudvan and NepApp feel you are not currently using. Zerowait solutions can be far more economical than buying the latest, NetApp hardware.

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