OK, I hate to sound like a broken record here, but I just can’t overlook some of this stuff! It seems as if Dave Hitz is contradicting himself again. In this article from Forbes.com, Dave is quoted as saying, “We have a single software system, and we can cut our prices to gain market share,” Yet just back in December SearchStorage.com has this, “The aim is not to disrupt ONTAP customers,” said Dave Hitz, VP and co-founder of Network Appliance. “Think of the upgrade like moving from Windows to Windows NT. There’s a long overlap period … All future development is focused on the next-generation product, but we’ll support both.”

Is NetApp supporting 1 or 2 operating systems? Will the one you are using be the one they drop? What do you think? Make sure you use the link to the right and drop me an email. I really would like to know your opinion.

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