It seems that inventory management is of interest to a lot of people, many blog readers and Zerowait customers have called or emailed to ask how Zerowait handles a large inventory as well as, service and support systems.

Well, if you look into the history of Zerowait you will see that Mike Linett started out as a Database programmer, working on inventory systems. Mike actually has a degree in this stuff! Michael and the Zerowait staff have written and designed their own systems. They built a completely relational database that keeps track of all inventory prices, and quantities and also interfaces with engineering and support. A lot of customers with multiple support locations require special service and delivery solutions, so they are constantly tweaking the systems in response to specific customer service and support requests.

As Zerowait’s growing family of satisfied customers seems to suggest, Zerowait is committed to providing the highest level of service, parts, and upgrades for NetApp equipment, all at a reasonable price. Efficiently managing inventory is just one part of how Zerowait is able to do it.

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