Is this a verifiable claim?

NetApp also claims that its RAID-DP technology is “4,000 times more reliable” compared to conventional RAID-1 systems, in terms of safeguarding disks against failure.

How did NetApp come up with this figure? The News reporter doesn’t say. I would be interested in finding out how much more reliable their RAID-DP is compared to RAID 5, which seems to be the most prevalent raid in the Data Centers we visit. Also, it would be interesting to learn why RAID-DP was released after SATA Disk technology was put into NetApp systems. Was there any linkage between SATA unreliability, as compared with FC disks, and the Release of RAID-DP? Is the RAID 4 that NetApp used to recommend inferior to their RAID-DP? Perhaps the SATA disks are more unreliable, so a dual hot parity disk solution is required? Maybe Keith Brown, NetApp director of technology and strategy, or one of our loyal readers at NetApp can answer these questions for us?

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