Stop, Don’t do it ! Don’t give up! Zerowait provides affordable NetApp hardware support
A new customer called us up yesterday, he was very upset by the NetApp support quote he had received. He was wondering if it made any sense to continue using NetApp equipment since it is so expensive to continue with their hardware support. He had been reading this blog, and decided that maybe it was time to call Zerowait for a competitive hardware support quote. When he spoke to me he told me that he was thinking of giving up the features he loved about a NetApp filer because the costs of maintenance from NetApp made the equipment too costly.

He sent us his configuration information and we reviewed it and gave him back a quote in about 90 minutes. He called me up a little while later to check to see if our price was correct. We quoted far less then NetApp had for NBD parts replacement and support. He told me that because of our quote he would keep his NetApp equipment.

The Zerowait family of customers grows larger every week. Because our customers know that we provide affordable parts, outstanding service and knowledgeable support for their High Availability storage infrastructures.

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