I didn’t really say everything I said.”
— Yogi Berra

If Data Security is so important to data storage companies why are all their cabinets keyed alike?
— Mike Linett

03/2005 Hitz: We’re small enough that we can double our revenues in storage and remain a focused vendor. We’re not interested at all in going EMC’s route.

07/25/2005 article in Investors Business Daily Data Storage companies have new focus as many shifting into more Security work: “This is a growing priority for our customers, and they are looking for storage companies to address it,” said Dan Warmenhoven, chief executive of storage firm Network Appliance.

Questions for your storage vendor:
1) What percentage of your R&D budget is dedicated to Data Security?
2) What percentage of your engineering staff is dedicated to Data Security?
3) How long has your company focused on Data Security as a core competency?
4) what percentage of your gross sales is earned from Data Security?

Getting these answers will reveal if your Storage Vendor is truly dedicating resources to solving your data security problems, or just following the industry trends.


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