What is on your Radar?

Most of our customers are looking at Capacity Utilization & extended ROI on equipment. It does not seem to matter if the customer is a small company or a Fortune 100 company, they want a better ROI picture at purchase and throughout the product lifecycle. However, most of the storage vendors are trying to sell our customers new systems with higher capacity or trying to switch the pardigm on them and bundling options they don’t need into their storage solutions.

What is on your Storage Vendors’ Radar?

It seems that most storage vendors are concerned with Storage Security by the press reports we see and the corporate merger activity. Here is a sample from Byte and switch

Byte and Switch News Analysis: EMC Casts Wider Net
AUGUST 04, 2005 – Plans to get into net resource management and burrow deeper into security

Byte and Switch Newsfeed: Permabit, NorthSeas Form Archive Pact
AUGUST 02, 2005 – Partnership combines NorthSeas’ Guard E/N (pronounced Guardian) with Permabit’s Permeon Compliance Store for simplified email archiving

Byte and Switch News Analysis: VCs Add $15M More to Data Domain
AUGUST 01, 2005 – Expects latest haul to take it to profitability but must navigate maze of competitors

Byte and Switch Newsfeed: Unitrends Supports Evaults
AUGUST 01, 2005 – Unitrends announces its line of Data Protection Unit network storage appliances now offer companies the ability to electronically vault data from or to offsite locations

What is on Zerowait’s Radar?
Zerowait is focusing on providing our customers with affordable service, support and upgrades for their Storage infrastructure. After all, it is what our customers want most of all.


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