George Bernard Shaw
“Science never solves a problem without creating ten more.”

Mike Linett ( 2005)
“Zerowait has the tools, staff and inventory to solve your storage problems.”

Recently, we’ve gotten a lot of calls and emails about our analysis of NetApps FAS3020 as compared with some of the systems it superseded.

One of our customers sent us this quote by a NetApp VP in reference to the new FAS3020 systems “The emphasis is on redefining the price performance,” said Suresh Vasudevan, senior vice president of products at Network Appliance. “The main attributes of the new platform supports four times the capacity and has two times the price performance.”

How did they come up with these numbers? We can’t find any validation in the tests. Our review of the tests seems to show only a meager improvement in performance over their older systems. So, how does NetApp come up with their price performance figures?

Today’s storage devices eat up about 40% of most companies IT budgets, According to industry studies these devices are only 25% efficient Most companies would consider them to have a terrible Internal Rate of Return if they were a piece of production equipment at a manufacturing facility.

Zerowait specializes in providing our customers a much better return on their IT investment dollars. If you are wondering about your actual cost of ownership and maintenance per TB of Storage – Give us a call! We can help you raise your storage efficiency!

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