“The reason why truth is so much stranger than fiction is that there is no requirement for it to be consistent.”
Mark Twain

Typically the founder / VP of a public company and the CEO of the same company follow the same playbook and sing the same tune. However, NetApp’s team seems to be in diagreement on the route or the course of NetApp as evidenced by their statements which are below.
Hitz 03/2005 “We’re small enough that we can double our revenues in storage and remain a focused vendor. We’re not interested at all in going EMC’s route.”

Warmenhoven 08/2005 “This is increasingly becoming a two-horse race,” Warmenhoven said of the midrange storage landscape. “We’re becoming an alternative to EMC. The mix has shifted from file server NAS to Fibre Channel across the board, and we’re taking it to them. We’re the only two vendors that offer the complete array of low end to high end, primary and secondary storage, SAN and NAS. We’re competing across the board.”

We are confused by their statements , how can NetApp be not interested in going EMC’s route and yet be part of a two horse race? Don’t horse races usually take place on the same course?
If you are confused by NetApp’s statements you are not alone. However, you can be certain that Zerowait remains focused on providing our growing family of satisfied customers with affordable parts, service and support for their NetApp equipment.

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