In economics, the majority is always wrong.
John Kenneth Galbraith

Earlier this week I was speaking to a savvy NetApp customer about a service and support quote for their planned infrastructure upgrade. The customer wanted to know why more people don’t know about the transferable license issue, and the ability to get NetApp filers with transferable licenses. I explained that the issue had been addressed by NetApp’s founder and CEO a number of times within the toasters mailing list and that there are plenty of customers that are using filers with transferable licenses.

Many NetApp Resellers know about the transferable license issue also, and we have sold to many of them. At least One Platinum reseller of NetApp’s products hits this blog regularly and therefore understands that transferable licenses are available, since we touch on the subject regularly.

But essentially, if you are looking to save money on your storage infrastructure then purchasing units with transferable licenses is an easy way to do it. Zerowait currently has a large stock of NetApp filers with transferable licenses including FAS940’s, F840’s, F825’s, F820’s and R100’s. All of these units are available now, please give us a call if you are interested in these filers.


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