“Men often oppose a thing merely because they have had no agency in planning it, or because it may have been planned by those whom they dislike.” Alexander Hamilton

The view from the cockpit of a twin engine airplane is a little more complicated then from a single engine airplane. But you feel a little safer with an extra engine. Since twins are faster than singles you need to plan a little better when setting up for a landing in instrument conditions

Similar to twin engine pilots most companies feel a lot safer about their storage when they have a reliable backup and restoration plan. But unlike twin pilots, who practice single engine operations, many companies don’t practice their restoration process. This leads to a major problem for many budget constrained IT departments, but one in which Zerowait can help. Zerowait has a disaster prevention strategy that we use and that we have worked with other companies to implement. The kernel of the idea came from a conversation that we had with some NASA engineers on how they would use a combination of load balancing and data mirroring to provide both back up and recovery in one solution.

Based on this conversation our engineers developed the idea and we now use it for our own disaster prevention solution. Zerowait has now begun to help some of our customers implement our Disaster Prevention in their data centers. Tape is great for archiving, but can you get your company up and running again quickly by restoring from tape? When is the last time you tried it? If you are nervous about the costs and consequences of your data recovery solution give us a call. Our solution might work for you too.

Zerowait mentioned in article in Processor

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