What is your storage comfort level? How much is it costing you?

Many of our customers know what it costs to acquire storage, but very few have a way to assess the costs of holding on to excess storage. At what point are you in the cautionary area and when are you at the critical point, where you must add storage to your system?

Is it possible to migrate your storage data that has not been accessed in quite a while to a less expensive storage array? Is it possible to delete files that were only accessed once in the past three years? How much unaccessed , dead data is sitting on your most expensive storage arrays? How much would it cost to swap out your NetApp 36GB drives and insert 144GB drives in their place? Is upgrading your storage array a better option then replacing it entirely?

If your budget is under scrutiny but your storage requirements are going up, Zerowait can help you answer these questions, and help you get back to your comfort level.

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