Celebrating a milestone

Every year we set goals for our service & support business and our parts and upgrades business. We surpassed our goal this year in the service and support business already and we went out for a celebration. We had a great time, and it was because of our customers. Our customers recognize that there is an affordable alternative to NetApp for service, support and upgrades.

The NetApp storage support business is a horizontal field – long and wide. Each NetApp customer has different objectives and cost parameters. Therefore, NetApp’s stovepipe support solutions won’t meet everyone’s needs. Zerowait’s customizes our support business to our customer’s requirements. One size does not fit all. Not every customers needs 2 hour or 4 hour onsite support, and many of our customers like to have an assisted self maintenance program for their NetApp equipment.

To our satisfied customer family I would like to say ‘ Thank you’ and I hope that our non- customer readers will join the Zerowait family of satisfied customers.

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