Hanging by a wire

Sometimes things just don’t go as planned. But someone has to take responsibility and someone has to solve the problem, for a big problem the solution takes a team.

Often we are asked to solve problem where, for one reason or another, the storage administrator does not have a reliable back up or even boot disks. Sometimes we get a call where aNetApp filer is rebooting repeatedly and theNetApp storage administrator doesn’t know why. Many times this is caused because folks add drives or shelves from another filer and the filer sees a new volume, or a shelf with the same ID #. Getting to the root of the problem is often a case of pulling back layers of small incremental changes and figuring out what happened to get to the point where the customer called Zerowait.

Zerowait provides NetApp customers with affordable technical support and service options for their critical storage needs. Although we prefer to help our customers with disaster prevention plans, we can also help in your disaster recovery efforts.


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