“We’re not junk, we’re not scrap, and we won’t be treated that way!”
— From the movie ROBOTS.

As most of our readers know, we do a tremendous business in NetApp replacement parts. There are a lot of reasons for this, but I would say that you can break the reasons down into three major categories

1) Parts prices – If Zerowait has the parts you are looking for we will attempt to provide the part at the most competitvie price possible. We offer the NetApp parts with either a 30 day standard warranty or optional 1 year or 3 year NBD parts replacement. Most of our popular NetApp parts are listed at www.thezerowaitstore.com, so you can shop and compare.

2) Parts compatibility – Zerowait’s staff is recognized for our knowledge of parts compatibility among NetApp’s user community. We can tell you which shelves, adapters and drives will work with different filers, and we can tell you the versions of software that will work also.

3) Service and support – Zerowait’s engineers are constantly doing NetApp Migrations, NetApp Mirrors, and installations. We provide outstanding and affordable NetApp service and support for our customers.

These are the main reasons why our NetApp customer list keeps growing, but there are many others. If you would like to learn how you can save money on your next NetApp upgrade, please give us a call at 888.811.0808.


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