NetApp Transferable Licenses -NetApp R100, NetApp FAS940, NetApp F840, NetApp 820 and NetApp F810 – these systems are certified by NetApp and eligible for NetApp support or our ZPA coverage.

Zerowait stocks systems with transferable
NetApp licenses. We have NFS, CIFS,
Cluster & I
SCSI protocols available.
We sell a lot of these systems and support hundreds of filers in the field. But for one reason or another, we occasionally hear that a NetApp sales person has told a customer that there is no such thing as a transferable licensed NetApp system. Whether NetApp sales people are misinformed by their management, or just trying to muddy the waters we can’t tell you. But we can prove that there are transferable licenses available. If you want a copy of the documentation simply send us an email and we will send you a PDF of a unit we have in stock.

Zerowait’s staff is dedicated to providing NetApp customers with outstanding value for their storage dollar. Customers can save 50% on a transferable licensed filer as compared to a new filer, and they can save even more if they decide to use Zerowait’s third party service and support for NetApp equipment.

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