Keeping up with the news.

Some of our readers have asked us how we keep up with the NetApp news that this Blog focuses on. It is really quite easy using the Google news alerts. We just select the topics we are interested in and Google emails us. But we also read a lot of technical journals, technical mailing lists, and a few blogs also.

Independence Air filed for bankrupcy today.
Analysts said Independence’s failure reflects its own missteps, rather than any fundamental flaws in the low-fare carrier strategy pioneered by Southwest Airlines Co. and imitators.

Terry Trippler, who runs the travel website, said in an interview, ”They had too many planes flying to too many cities too often and too low prices. There was just no way they could make money. Fuel prices didn’t help either,” Trippler added, noting that costs soared after this fall’s Gulf Coast hurricanes.

NetApp had featured them in a press release a few months ago.
Since deploying the NetApp solution, Independence Air has realized increased business flexibility and management savings. Even with tripling storage requirements, the company has reduced storage management time and staffing requirements by more than 50% to 75%, respectively. Performance improvements in critical night batch processing have also enhanced competitiveness. “The amount of time it took to complete one particular operation fell from two hours to 45 minutes,” said Hughes. “This improvement directly impacts the ability to complete routine maintenance on schedule and to keep our planes flying on time.”

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