End of year sales at NetApp.

We have been getting calls from lots of folks saying that their NetApp sales folks are getting particularly aggressive lately. You can thank the end of year for that and add in that most of the NetApp sales folks are now into their commission accelerators. So the more you buy the more they make!

Remember to always write ‘license transferability required’ on your PO to NetApp and also you do not have to accept their sales contract. A sales contract is negotiable, simply make amendments to their contract and mention them on you Purchase order. One enterprising company called us recently and said they had included a no increase in service and support prices for the life of the equipment clause, it will be interesting to see if NetApp honors that.

We have also heard about a lot of technology refresh sales being made, I am confused by this sales terminology since it is arguable that the newer Jabil Circuit built units are not any better than the older boxes built by NEC. The Spec.org tests are not convincing for a variety of reasons including the changing of data set size, Changing to switches that handle jumbo frames and increasing the server capacities that run the tests.

Jon Toigo has been waiting since 8/15/2005 for the NetApp Performance data – Sooner or later customers are going to expect that NetApp is not going to provide reliable, verifiable and repeatable performance data.When this happens NetApp will have a hard time convincing people to believe their marketing claims again.

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