It has been a very busy couple of days. We have started to get in NetApp FAS960’s and a lot of people want to upgrade from their 800 series units to the FAS960’s, and have been waiting for our stock levels to increase to satisfy these customers. Additionally, now we are geting calls from NetApp customers who are looking at new systems. Typically, a NetApp customer gets a quote from NetApp for a FAS3020 looks at the price – faints – recovers – and gives us a call – we tell them to go to and look at the performance of the FAS3020 or FAS3050 and compare them to the specs on the FAS960. Many are left wondering why they should buy a 3000 series unit from NetApp. We have been trying to understand the reason to upgrade from a 940 to a 3020 for many months. But, because of recent articles in the trade press end user customers are also scratching their heads.

Additionally, our customers are embracing our ZHA exception reporter. During this morning’s staff meeting I was told that yesterday my staff received two calls from customers who are using it to improve their filers performance. If you are using NetApp filers, you should try our exception reporter, it is really a useful tool.

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