Character is much easier kept, than recovered. – Thomas Paine

Company reputations are gained and lost one customer at a time. Because our company deals with NetApp’s customers who have lost the faith, or can no longer afford the cost of NetApp maintenance we hear a lot of grumbling about NetApp. They come to Zerowait because they want an Affordable Alternative to NetApp that provides service, support and upgrades and can be depended on. And we work hard to build our reputation one customer at a time.

It saddens me to get a note from a NetApp customer trying to sell us his equipment that says ” …we have already purchased another SAN product, we would just like to put the NetApp behind us.”

When NetApp totally alienates a customer everyone loses. NetApp won’t get any more software revenue from the customer, the customer won’t have the great features a NetApp filer provides, and Zerowait won’t get a continuing service and support contract. It is one of the strange things about our business, the more business we do, the more OnTap software revenue NetApp gets to keep from our customers.

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