Are you ever left wondering how to verify a vendor’s ROI claims?

I saw this today on the register website –

NetApp guns for EMC and HP
Undercuts rivals
By Chris Williams
Published Tuesday 9th May 2006 10:30 GMT

NetApp has extended its enterprise storage range with a brace of flagship systems.

Scalable to 500TB, the FAS6030 and FAS6070 are principally aimed at reducing the cost of ownership of high-end fibre channel storage gear. NetApp says its rivals’ kit is up to 260 per cent more expensive to own.

They also make the standard claims about flexibility and ease of data management.

CEO Dan Warmenhoven puffed: “Our new offerings position NetApp as a clear leader. We are growing three times faster than the industry average in enterprise application data centres.” ®

How would your company verify such claims? Do NetApp’s cost calculations include all of the training and software revisions to your secondary and tertiary backup and montioring sofware that will be required? I wonder if they include the training costs for your staff?

It is probably a lot more cost effective to upgrade your head or purchase a unit with transferable software licenses. Zerowait has plenty of systems available with NFS, CIFS, Cluster and ISCSI available for transfer at reasonable prices.

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