“Extraordinary Claims require extraordinary proof” Carl Sagan

When it comes to reliability and uptime there is no doubt that NetApp has some of the most remarkably stable storage equipment in the marketplace. It is not unusual to have customers that have uptimes of three and four years. This unblemished reliability is what is so remarkable about the NetApp F700 series in particular. And since NetApp is ending support for these units why so many customers are coming to Zerowait for their continuing F700 parts replacement & support.

Over the last several months NetApp customers have been coming to us to support their F820’s, F840’s , F880’s R100’s and R150’s also, and now we are are starting to take over support of the FAS900 sereis also.

If you love your NetApp’s but are looking for an affordable alternative for your ongoing parts support, why not give us a call – 302.266.9408? We have hundeds of filers under parts support and are adding many more every week.

Have a great holiday weekend!

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