Zerowait High Availability
Over the last 17 years in business our company has earned a reputation for High Availability in Networking and Storage design. There have been many technology changes in the marketplace and the equipment that we use to build and maintain our customers’ High Availability infrastructure, but there has always been one constant, Zerowait’s High Availability commitment to its customers. We don’t just talk about it we provide it 7/24 every day of the year, and have for many years.

In the mid 1990’s Zerowait’s customers needed to deploy vast web server networks on the Internet, and so Zerowait began to install Radware’s load balancing products. After we installed these products we found that our customers could not quickly deploy their Storage and so we went to NetApp’s offices on San Tomas, and spoke to Dave Hitz about becoming a dealer for them in our High Availability niche. The mix of load balancing and NetApp Storage was a lucrative one and Zerowait was very successful in installing a lot of equipment for both Vendor’s as can be seen in this link.

The Radware equipment was unable to keep up with our customers’ high traffic loads and the folks from Arrowpoint came to us to help them introduce their ASIC switch based product to the marketplace. We became an OEM and private labeled the products, they told us that we represented 10% of all their sales prior to the Cisco purchase. After Cisco purchased Arrowpoint we had several customers who were left without hardware support for their load balancers. And so we developed a High Availability service and support program for these customers.

During that same period of time NetApp canceled our reseller agreement and we started our third party parts, service & support for our NetApp customer base which has become the largest part of our business. Now that NetApp has canceled support for the NetApp F760 line this business is growing quickly. Over the next few weeks we plan to open our European service operation, which will help our European customers maintain their legacy NetApp equipment more affordably. Exciting things are happening at Zerowait!

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