“We’ve been NetApped!”

That is what our customer said, and it was not a compliment from the tone of his voice. As I found out more I learned that their NetApp salesman had shown him numbers that proved that buying new NetApp equipment was cheaper then buying continuing service and support from NetApp. An associate in another division of his company had told him to contact us, and he was rather upset that he did not ask us for a Zerowait support quote prior to buying his new NetApp hardware. After learning what his company paid for their NetApp hardware I joked around and asked what kind of car the sales guy purchased with his commission. After a few minutes of laughing we agreed that NetApp’s proprietary solutions carry hefty commissions!

When I have conversation like this I always think back to a conversation I had with a large Delaware based company’s CIO . He told me that he has to always look at the cost of new technology and compare it to how many people’s work it will save. He would rather have talented people on staff, and if he could shave dollars from his hardware costs he could keep his staff. There was only so much budget available and people or hardware was the decision he had to make. By purchasing support from Zerowait his company was able to affordably maintain his high availability systems without destroying his highly respected engineering staff.

NetApp has great technology, and Zerowait can help you support, maintain & upgrade your NetApp equipment for a reasonable cost.

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