If you are curious about our reputation, check out our satisfied customer list !

A few times a week we get asked by prospective customers for references on our service and support. We gladly send references to people who request them, because we are confident that our customers are extremely satisfied with our independent NetApp service and support. Now that we are opening in Europe we are getting questions about our service & support from many new customers. Zerowait provides service and support to some of NetApp biggest international customers, so providing international references is not a problem either. Sometimes prospective customers ask us for geographic references and sometimes they ask for industry specific references. Either way prospective customers quickly turn into customers after talking with our satisfied customers.

A few months ago we had a get together with a bunch of customers in Texas, Our customers talked candidly about their problems and how Zerowait has solved them. They discussed how Zerowait solved their technical problems and their budgetary problems caused by NetApp’s overly priced support solutions. Next month we are planning a get together with some of our customers in Nevada. Communicating candidly with our customers is the most important thing we do. And the most important component of communication has been to carefully listen to our customers and provide them the solutions they are looking for at a price they can afford.

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