Verizon – Thank you judge Green

I called Verizon today, because my phones at our house have been not working for a few days. I figured that they would come fix the phone line in a day or so. But they can’t fix the phones for at least a week I was told. I inquired as to why does it take so long for a phone repairman to show up. I was told there are lots of problems because it has been raining. I told the young lady on the phone at Verizon’s repair center that yesterday was sunny and mild and my phones did not work.

She asked if I had checked the lines at the box, I assured her that I had and the problems are on their side not ours.

I can’t imagine how Verizon would compete in a truly competitive marketplace. ATT before Judge Green broke it up was responsive and expensive. Now we have companies that are unreliable and cheaper. Unlike the old days of ATT the phone company is not a natural monoploy because of the change in technology. However, technology has not changed the customer’s expectation of service. I still expect ATT service, but unfortunately we are left with a much lower level of service.

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