Physical layer problems and solutions

It turned out the electrical problems were caused by a loose wire on the main bus bar. I think that is layer 1 in the OSI model. But I got the plane fixed and by about 12:30 I took off ADS for my leg to Phoenix. My friend Ken in Dallas told me that Western Texas was rather flat. It certainly is- and there are a lot of oil wells out around Midland. From Midland to Phoenix the ground starts to go up a bit and there are some very interesting mountains to see. Crossing El Paso at 8000 feet I followed the border for quite a while and then in New Mexico I approached even larger mountains which required me to climb to 11000 feet and then I had to start flying around big thunderstorms. The folks at ALB Center were great and directed me perfectly. I came into the Phoenix valley at about 9000 feet and had to descend rapidly to land at Chandler where my friend Warren picked me up . We had dinner and talked about flying, business and everything else. Today I fly to CA to visit with some more customers for the next few days.

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