No change in circumstances can repair a defect in character – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Since opening our European operations we have seen a large increase in our requests for quote for our service and support of legacy NetApp equipment. There has also been a large increase in requests for service and support of the NetCache line because NetApp has sold off that line of equipment. Zerowait is focused on helping our customers get more long term value out of their NetApp infrastructure, so it is refreshing to see the following statement by a NetApp big wig that shows NetApp is suddenly actually trying to help customers get more value out of their equipment also.

The availability of 10Gb Ethernet connectivity will benefit all of our IP-based storage solutions: NFS, CIFS, and iSCSI, said Rich Clifton, vice president and general manager of the Networked Storage business unit. The aggressive NetApp support for 10Gb Ethernet demonstrates the ongoing commitment we make to our customers to deliver powerful solutions that help them gain more value from their data infrastructure.

With a commitment like that, it shouldn’t be long until NetApp provides transferable licenses to all of their customers and starts providing legacy customers with bug fixes at no charge.

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