Storage Network World is in Orlando next week.

The industry likes to gather there and make their boasts and put out press releases. I have been asked by quite a few of my industry peers to stop by, and I probably will because I have important business appointments nearby next week. A lot of our customers in the Southeast are interested in getting more storage value out of their NetApp infrastructures, and are looking at our service and support quotes and also transferable licensed filers.

You can be certain that the big wigs at SNW won’t be talking about:
1) Getting more bang for your invested storage buck.
2) Getting a faster return on your storage ROI.
3) Affordably extending the life of your legacy storage.
4) How to save money with transferable licensed storage.

As Henry Ford said – “Competition is the keen cutting edge of business, always shaving away at costs”

But if that is what you are interested in, drop us an email and I am certain that we can get together. We always look forward to helping our customers and friends save a lot of money when negotiating with their storage vendor. In the last couple of weeks a large company in the Southeast has been using our support quotes to help them get reduced pricing out of their storage vendor very effectively. Competition will do that! Now the purchasing folks at this company are wondering why their storage manufacturer’s prices were so high before we came to the table.

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