Sticker Shock:

The FAS3070 starts at roughly $115,000 for a system with 1 TB of capacity and is available now. According to NetApp, its closest competitor is EMC Corp.’s CX3-80.

I think most people would agree that the closest competitor to NetApp equipment is NetApp equipment that has a transferable license, especially a 1 TB unit. We have plenty available and can easily save you 40% off the NetApp price list. Give us a call – in the USA 302.266.9408 or in Europe at 08000 121 801.

I don’t know of any company that has an unlimited budget for storage anymore.

UPDATE- I got a call from an engineer that said I should point out that if this NetApp system is sold with x276 300GB drives, the 1 TB is all used up in the root volume. Even if it was sold with 14 72 GB drives it would leave only 11 drives for data or about 770 GB RAW and about 420 GB usable after right sizing. $404.00 per gig is a high price for useable storage!

Zerowait has transferable licensed 980’s with a 1 TB available for about $50,000.00 and we can add a TB for about $5000.00 per TB.

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