“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” Lewis Carroll

A couple of times a week I will get a call or be talking to a prospective customer who has a massive problem in his eyes. NetApp has just told them that they must upgrade their storage infrastructure because maintaining their old equipment will just cost a fortune. Upgrading is the salesman’s obvious answer to the customers problem. When they call Zerowait they are told that there is third party maintenance available and that using virtualization front end enables them to make a large storage pool without going don the road that NetApp is suggesting.

The point is that there are many other roads available to NetApp customers who don’t need to upgrade on their NetApp salesperson’s timetable. Vittualization and transferable licensed filers enables them to get a lot more bang for their storage bucks.

Many of my friends own BMW cars. After the warranty expires they all complain about the price of service from their BMW dealers. They usually turn to an independent mechanic. At Zerowait we understand this problem and you can depend on NetApp for reliability, but you don’t need to use their parts, service and support.

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