Security, Storage, and Delaware’s Senator Carper

Earlier this year Senator Carper was the ranking member of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs. Perhaps he now will become the committee chairman. Senator Carper has been focusing on Data Security, and in a world where Google is cataloging everything this is something we should all be concerned about. In the book 1984 Orwell‘s Big Brother was the totalitarian Government. It is strange to see that in today’s reality it is Silicon Valley companies that are becoming Big Brother .

“We used to just worry about people breaking into our homes or stealing our cars, but in the 21st century, we have to worry about people stealing our identities via computers and the Internet,” said Sen. Carper. “Given what we’ve seen happen recently with security lapses at the Veterans Administration and other financial institutions, it’s imperative that we write a national law to help protect consumers from being victims of identity theft. This bill would require all financial institutions, retailers and government agencies to maintain strong internal safety protections for the data they hold, to quickly investigate any security breach, and notify law enforcement, regulators and the public when there’s a real risk of harm.”

Data Security and in particular disk drive security is something the engineers at Zerowait know a lot about. In the coming year we look forward to seeing what develops in this arena. Will it be government or private enterprise that protects your privacy in the future?

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