Why does NetApp charge so much for their equipment?

I get asked this all the time, and the answer is based on many factors but mostly it is because the market perceives a NetApp label to be worth more than the Seagate label, Intel label or Qlogic label. NetApp hardware is based on Common Off The Shelf equipment. Except for a few proprietary parts made by some of their contract manufacturers. The major value of their systems is in their software “OnTap” . However, thanks to transferable licenses you can buy this software at a deep discount. We can help you do this!

Customers can get deep discounts on NetApp hardware and software by shopping around . IBM discounts NetApp hardware and software substantially, and NetApp has been quoting their systems at levels of over 40% to many customers according to some of the quotes that we have seen recently from customers.

Some things never change ! If 2007 is the year you want to reduce your costs of NetApp acquisitions, get competitive quotes! Call us we will show you how!

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