Trust but Verify week part 4
A little research can save you a bundle!

Sometimes doing a little web research can truly save customers a bundle. I think everyone can agree that paying over $80,000.00 for 2TB of storage is insane, NetApp seems to think it is rational.

The FAS3040 and its gateway version brother V3040 support up to 252 disk drives and 126 terabytes of capacity. Rogers said the entry-level cost for a FAS3040 with 2TB of storage will set a buyer back $83,000.

If you search around for prices on the web you can find pricelists which have different prices, and you can also always call up IBM to get a competitive price bid also.

Search Results view full pricelist
SIN Part# Description Price
132-8 FAS3040A-BNDL3-R5 FAS3040A,Act-Act,FCP,ISCSI,R5 $27,581.76
132-8 FAS3040A-DC-BASE-R5 FAS3040A,IB,DC,ACT-ACT,OS,R5 $40,118.93
132-8 FAS3040A-IB-BASE-R5 FAS3040A,IB,ACT-ACT,OS,R5 $38,206.49
132-8 FAS3040AS-IB-SYS-R5 FAS3040A,IB,ACT-ACT,SAN,OS,R5 $30,339.94

Zerowait does not sell new NetApp equipment. but give us a call if you want some strategic help in dealing with your NetApp sales force tactics. And remember to write on your PO to NetApp ‘ All licenses and protocols are transferable’

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