Yesterday I was visiting customers in Chicago, and all of them said our support was better than NetApp’s Support.

One customer is a new customer of ours that we just installed a transferable licensed FAS 940 for. They are migrating more data to the filer now and already thinking about more data they can transfer on to their filer. Over a lunch of Chicago hot dogs we discussed their storage infrastructure and growth plans now that they have an affordable enterprise storage solution. Another customer that loves filers when combined with Zerowait support !

Another customer I met with needs us to support their F740’s. NetApp has cancelled support on these units and they are of vital importance to their operation. The third customer I met with was looking at purchasing a NetApp upgrade for their Data Center. They used to deal directly with NetApp but now they have to deal with a NetApp reseller who has not ever visited their operation and does not understand what they do. So he works with Zerowait.

It was a good trip to Chicago .

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