How will a trade war with Asia affect your storage infrastructure?

1) Most of the components in enterprise storage systems are made in Asia.
2) Most of the assemblies in your storage infrastructure are made in Asia.
3) A lot of software engineering and technical design is done is Asia.

So when I read things like this from the Economist – I get a little worried.

After a long drawn out, and highly fraught, negotiation that pushed right up against the deadline, America and South Korea have inked a new trade deal. It is the largest America has signed since NAFTA. However, tensions between the Bush administration and resurgent protectionists in America’s new Democratic Congress make it highly uncertain that the pact will be ratified. In related news, China is protesting an about-face on anti-dumping suits by America’s Treasury department, which has resulted in punitive tariffs on paper products

Maybe it is time to write our Senators and Representatives, so they will stop this silliness?

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