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Last week I was at the ASCDI conference in Las Vegas and got a chance to hear how terrible it is to be a reseller of Sun Equipment. It seems that a majority of the folks in attendance at the show have something to do with Sun in one way or another. Sun has not been playing fair for the last few years and so the ASCDI has filed some paperwork in the UK to fight for free trade.
Here is a link to the ASCDI page of information

The ASCDI is pretty certain that it is going to win the action, and the law firm representing ASCDI thinks it will apply to all technology companies that have a command economy mentality to their parts support and distribution models. Sun is the biggest abuser, so it seems to be first on the list.

With all the talent that big companies in Sillycon Valley have you would think that they would hire some people with enough economics and business sense to recognize that consumers in any market will find a way to get the products at prices they desire. And that companies will spring up to fill the requests of these customers. But for whatever reason, Sillycon Valley technology companies generally don’t understand the dynamics of markets. IBM seems to be the one company that does understand the marketplace when it comes to marketing revenue from the secondary market of its own equipment, however their division that resells the NetApp re branded equipment are as blind to the profit potential of secondary parts sales and third party support as NetApp is.

I appreciate the hassles that NetApp and IBM are causing their customers in this market niche. If they made it easy for customers to work with them, customers would not be flocking to Zerowait for our service and support offerings. So if you are tired of being hassled by NetApp’s sales folks to purchase their latest and greatest marketing acronym fad upgrade, give us a call and we will help you maintain your current perfectly good equipment at a reasonable price, without any hassles!


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