Data Points that may mean something:

1) One of our NetApp support customers wrote me this week that he can get a FAS3020 head with 3 years support from NetApp for $30,000.00 with ISCSI and NFS licenses. I found that interesting. Searching the internet the best GSA price I see is:

2) I learned this weekend that the NetApp FAS3020 will be End Of Lifed (EOL) by the end of the year.

3) I have heard that the new FAS2020 has only 1 Gig of memory. That is odd, why not put more memory on the system NetApp?

4) I also heard good things about Equallogic last week, sounds like NetApp is keeping an eye on them, especially in the PACS area. Maybe the healthcare industry is waking up to the fact that a Seagate drive is pretty reliable and NetApp charges too much for them?

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