“Agility means that you are faster than your competition. Agile time frames are measured in weeks and months, not years.” Michael Hugo

Recently we have heard from a number of customers that NetApp has been taking notice of our services and support. Last week at a government health agency the NetApp sales rep tried to convince the IT manager that NetApp’s support was far superior to Zerowait’s. From what we hear the manager told the sales rep and her experienced engineer, with less then three months of NetApp knowledge and who did not know how to read an autosupport, that Zerowait’s support had been excellent and that he recommends us to his peers.

A few weeks before that , at a large private medical practice in NC, NetApp reduced their price to meet the support price that Zerowait had quoted the customer. The customer says that their rep told them that the first price that NetApp provided them was their best price. After he received our quote however NetApp came in with a new lower ‘ best’ price that matched ours. I guess the new price was better than their previous best. Why not just tell the truth and give your best price in the first place?

And this week we were told by a customer at well known CRM technology company, that NetApp had reduced their price to a support price below ours. That’s competition!

All of these customers were told in one way or another by their NetApp representatives that there was not competition to NetApp for service and support of NetApp equipment. Why then is NetApp reducing their prices when a customer shows them a quote from Zerowait for our independent maintenance, monitoring and management services?

Their actions speak louder than their words and validate that Zerowait provides an affordable alternative to NetApp for service, support, and upgrades.

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