What was your favorite OnTap version?

This is an interesting question lately because the multiple releases of version 7 and all the patches remind many users of the updates of MS Vista. According to this article MicroSoft is letting folks downgrade to XP from Vista.

Here is an article on this new MS policy:

“While Microsoft is still pushing Vista hard, the company is quietly allowing PC makers to offer a “downgrade” option to buyers that get machines with the new operating system but want to switch to Windows XP….

“The program applies only to Windows Vista Business and Ultimate versions, and it is up to PC makers to decide how, if at all, they want to make XP available. Fujitsu has been among the most aggressive, starting last month to include an XP disc in the box with its laptops and tablets. “

So what was your favorite OnTap version? Was it stable and secure? Why not let customers choose to stay with an older version of software? Perhaps NetApp can offer older versions for a reduced price, and let the customers who want to be early adopters of new software pay more. Buggy software costs more to support, and therefore NetApp would probably like to charge more for it.

Imagine the conversation over the coffee pot between two storage managers.

Engineer 1 says, ” I really liked the old stable versions of Ontap that ran on the Alpha chip systems.”
Engineer 2 says, ” I really like the challenge of debugging software with NetApp engineering so I just paid more to be a guinea pig testing the new software.”

I wonder if a storage manager values stability more than all the new features.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think my favorite ONTAP version is a very misleading post. I think it goes back to what Jeff Browning had mentioned in one of his first blog posts that NetApp had three code lines 6, 7, and GX and moved the developers to GX without making 7 production ready and leaving 6 out in the cold. Data ONTAP 7 has been released for about 2 years already and still feels like it can break very easily. If an engineering company takes their talent pool and QA testing away from 7 and moves into GX then you will have the situation that you have right now with everyone pining for the old days of ONTAP. The ONTAP 7 code branches should be just as stable as 6 if NetApp pooled their resources correctly.

    I think the real issue at the core of the “stable” ONTAP version debate is does NetApp really care about the quality of their code right now? If they make you suffer now with 7, you will love suffering through GX.

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