NetApp adds Bell Micro to its distributor list.

“We wanted to expand our customer reach and broaden our VAR base,” said Pete Rawden, UK channel director at NetApp. “Adding another distributor means that more resellers can get products easier and faster and deliver to users the benefits associated with NetApp products, including: maximising data infrastructures while minimising complexity, overhead and technical staffing costs.
“We … selected Bell Micro because of their capabilities and skills that will allow us to move in new directions and reach new end users. The appointment of Bell will also bring new complimentary partners to our community over and above but not affecting our DNS Arrow partners,” added Rawden”

I wonder how this affects NetApp’s Hard deck program and the superseding Foundation program? Most customers want a strategic long term approach, but NetApp seems to keep changing course in the middle of the cruise, leaving resellers and end customers wondering what is going to happen next.

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