Strategic planning in a chaotic environment

What is a CIO or CTO to do in a world as mixed up as today’s Enterprise storage market is? How can the C- level executive make a 5 year storage plan when Sun and NetApp are going at each other so aggressively?

Jonathan Schwartz writes...
“The shift to commodity infrastructure is as inevitable as the rising tide – although for some, I’m sure it feels like a rogue wave.”

This is a statement of simple Adam Smith Economics, nothing surprising in that statement. But for a proprietary software vendor it’s fighting words…

Chris Mellor in Techworld sums things up well….
“Schwartz says that Sun will respond to NetApp’s lawsuit but will also open one of its own against NetApp in an aggressive raising of the temperature. Sun will file a suit attacking NetApp’s use of the Network File System, NFS, and requesting withdawal of all NetApp filer products from the market.


To rub in salt, Sun will pursue sizeable damages and donate half of any proceeds to free software causes. It’s not after the money in other words.

Also, to calm customer concerns, Sun indemnifies all ZFS customers against financial fallout from the NetApp suit. This extends to Apple.

In many people’s minds there is no way Network Appliance can emerge from this reciprocal pair of lawsuits as the good guys. NetApp started it. People urged talk at the CEO level to prevent a damaging effect on both companies. Schwartz initiated this and Warmenhoven has made unacceptable demands. “

Later in the article he states…
“What someone needs to do, perhaps, is to look Dan Warmenhoven in the eye, someone whom Warmenhoven respects absolutely, and say: “Discretion sir, discretion is the better part of valour. This engagement against Sun is one you cannot, in any real business sense, win.””

Jonathan Schwartz of Sun writes in his blog

In the interim, if you’re a Net App customer looking for alternatives, we would be pleased to talk to you about lowering the cost of proprietary storage – if you’re a technical sort, start by trying out ZFS in software form. (There are also lots of reviews available, this one just posted). We’d also be happy to send you a free trial Storage System based on ZFS (pick the x4500 here). And remember, we indemnify our customers.

Now for a shameless plug…
In this chaotic environment, you can be certain that Zerowait will continue to provide outstanding and affordable monitoring, maintenance, and management for your NetApp filers for years to come! Give us a call we can calm your nerves!

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